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 Staying #UnreasonablyFashionable with Yepme.com


Iris Apfel says  “I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something, just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed. ” And I guess it’s better to be happy than being Simply Fashionable.

Over the years I have learned that Fashion is really important after all it’s an expression of who you are?  It’s about what you feel at the moment. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.

Sure, the well-dressed man gets ahead at work. But the real reason to look presentable for me was never to impress my boss, my friends etc etc etc…….. Maybe the reason was always as unreasonable as it gets like getting dressed up to just stare at my reflections as I walked past the store windows hahaha 🌸🌸  Because I always have believed that dressing up well is a form of good manners and I am a good girl.

One of the top reasons for me to not follow fashion trends is that fashion can be utterly ridiculous. (No offence:P) Trust me, there isn’t anything more annoying than seeing several people wearing the same item that you just bought from your favourite high street store. Hahahaha! Having said that, there isn’t anything as powerful also when you refuse to follow trends… (*wink wink*) By refusing to follow fashion trends, you will without fail end up making a statement that you are different and your style will then no longer be dictated by magazines, designers or stores. (Phew!)


The major problem here with fashion trends is that it dates very easily. One minute, crop-tops are are in … the other minute bell- bottoms are in, then they’re out again and then they’re in again. GOSH! HOW DO WE KEEP UP? It’s exhausting!




Wait, Yepme.com in association with Delhistyleblog now has a solution for you all…Do yourself a favour…and wear anything that you like, ditch the latest styles…For example :- If you are particularly fond of that simple shift dress in your closet and have been refraining from wearing it just cause it isn’t in vogue anymore.

Do us a favour.
Put your trust in an ice cream and Start wearing it. Never mind that –  Just wear what is right for you.

yepme.com 28

And then do “Hula Hula hoo x 3 ”  Wait for a little miracle to happen, and you will see that whatever you like will anyway then come back to fashion.

Simple, no?

yepme.com 16

That’s how fashion should be. Fashion should be fun, so don’t be a slave to it.


It’s often said that catwalk trends are not meant to be worn in real life. They say filter down the look. Thanks to Yepme.com..They don’t want you to follow trends. Always remember Lagerfeld’s words “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.”
So don’t make fashion own you, you shall decide what you are, and then express the same by the way you dress and the way you live in a more wearable and diluted form…….


Coming back to where we started from, Yes! It is true that I wasn’t ever fashionable and still am not.
I am no fashionista and never intend to be one either.
I have always wondered that there ought to be a place for people who aren’t as fashionable.
You know a better place than one usually deserves…….

Cause Avoiding fashion means that you’re more likely to put your individual style and your stories forward.



Let’s drop the reasons to be Fashionable, instead…

Let’s find our reasons to be #UnreasonablyFashionable


*Inserting* the lyrics of  “We are Powerful” by Lenka, an Australian singer and actress best known for her song “Everything at once” which was used in the official Windows 8 television advertisement and in the Disney Movie Rewards commercial as well…

Let’s sing along…..


We are magnetic, we are bold….
We are electric, we won’t grow old…
We are mysterious, we are wise….
We are adventurous, you and I….
We are beautiful, we are a dream…..
We are wonderful, you and me …….
We are Powerful!!

 Here is to days we binge away to glory, Refuse to dress up and spend hours at a bookstore browsing ten thousand books while drinking our fav Hazelnut Frappé.


                      Cheers to being #UnreasonablyFashionable with Yepme.com


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Love, Aanchal and Dimpy. Namaste.

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