Vaishali S Summer Resort 15 Behrupia

Behrupia (noun meaning Bahu or many and Roop meaning disguise, form or appearance ) has been a traditional performing art form of the Indian subcontinent since ancient times …. With the advent of movies, television and celebrity performers, this ancient art form is on the verge of extinction … In Hindu mythology, a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses were the original Behrupias … taking the form of human or animals to fight and weed out the evil in the land …. Lord Vishnu as Mohini, the beautiful enchantress that steals the pot of Amrit, the divine immortal nectar, from the Asura demons and gives it to the Deva Gods …. or Goddess Kali as the fierce empowered aspect of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva on whose body she is usually depicted as standing … As a performing art form …. the ancient behrupias were usually the court jesters to mighty kings and emperors …. taking the disguises of different characters of everyday life to entertain their royal employers … as actors, dancers, storytelling bards and mime artists ….. Slowly this royal art form spread to the streets and local theatres … and also as the main entertainment during marriages and other happy occasions in Indian households …. The behrupia artists were a respected tribe and due to their expertise in impersonating different characters, they were even recruited as spies by local law enforcement !! … So this then is the background to fashion designer Vaishali Shadangule’s Summer Resort 2015 collection that she showcases today at Lakme Fashion Week … In her collection, the humble Thread is a Behrupia weaving magic appearing as Khand, that exquisite Maharashtrian brocade handloom, seguing to cotton and khadi … The hand woven textiles of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Bengal are married into many forms and disguises in modern silhouettes of global drape and construction … Vaishali is a master of layering and construction techniques and her love for tradition and heritage textiles are legendary … This is a sneak preview from the designers Lakme Fashion Week presentation along with her Collection note … We cannot wait for her collection to go live on the ramp …. Good Luck Vaishali !!

Behrupia Behroopia

Behrupia : Vaishali S Summer Resort 2015



There is a traditional performing art form of India, which is on the verge of extinction called “BEHRUPIA” also known as “Songadi” in Maharashtra. Where a person appears in public gathering or wedding in disguise, hiding his own identity and would refuse any award money if caught by anyone.

I am fascinated by this tradition and I could connect with it in the context of “Hand-woven textiles of India”. For me a thread is a “Behrupia” which keeps changing his forms on different looms and appears to us in disguise as a new hand woven textile every time.  This “Behrupia”, keeps attracting us with its different dimensions and surprises through its beauty.  The irony is that like the human “Behrupia, most of the textiles are also losing their presence in current globalized scenario and one of that is “KHAND”.

So I dedicate this collection to all the Indian hand woven textiles and capture the journey of a thread that is travelling across the regions of India to rediscover his identity.

Khand has an amazing quality of beautifully merging itself with other hand woven textile and becoming that, keeping his own integrity intact. So, to explore a new dimension, I have put khand, cotton and khadi together. This experiment gave me an opportunity to reinvent not just the textiles but also myself with new perception, vision and association with the hand woven textiles.

This time, a redefinition of hand woven textiles or should say appearance in disguise will create an amalgamation of unique textures, shades and fragrances of different states. All the hand woven textiles have few things common despite having different origins.

To compliment the idea, the collection is presented through modern silhouettes which include long and short dresses crafted by a mix of drape and construction and the color story travels through off white, gray, black, blue and gold.

Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Dayana Erappa for Vaishali S Summer Resort 2015 Lakme Fashion Week


Behrupia Vaishali S 2015

Vaishali Shadangule with Dayana Erappa


Vaishali S S/R 15 “BEHRUPIA” Collection @ Lakme Fashion Week S/R 15 will stream live on Lakme Fashion Week’s You Tube Channel at 0530PM IST … do catch it folks, and we at Delhi Style Blog wish Vaishali a stupendously successful presentation !!


Love, Aanchal and Dimpy, Namaste.

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